What can be more to a man than the exquisite realization of health—a perfect condition of health and strength?
A man should be a fine animal—sound and vigorous,
There can be no first-rate heroism except in a sound body.
Show health, and native qualities, and you are welcome to all the rest;
Only health puts you rapport with the universe.

Perfect health—that state of the man when there is no discord or division in the system, but when all the functions conspire to make a perfect one or whole.
Where the city of the healthiest fathers stands,
Where the city of the best-bodied mothers stands,
There the great city stands.

Health: In that condition the whole body is made clear and light, inwardly and outwardly illuminated, purified, solid, strong, yet elastic, buoyant.
The play of the body in motion takes a previously unknown grace, in walk and indeed in all movements—
In the voice, which rings clearer, and has melody, perhaps, for the first time;
The voice is a curious organ, and follows the general health, for good or evil,
The body must be vigorous and sound, before the voice can be

I, now thirty-seven years old in perfect health begin—
Of reckless health, body perfect, free from taint top to toe, free forever from headache and dyspepsia, full-blooded, clean-breathed, a good feeder, drinking water only—
Hoping to cease not till death.

You of centuries hence when you listen to me,
I shall be good health to you, and filter and fibre your blood,
I would give you the entire health, both of spirit and flesh.
From the huge festering trunk, from craft and guile and tears,
Health to emerge, health to you!
The life of grace and strength and action, from which all else flows.