O joy!
O to have life henceforth a poem of new joys!
O the joy of increase, growth, recuperation,
The joy of soothing and pacifying, the joy of concord and harmony,

All you venerable and innocent joys.
O the sunshine of a joyous heart!

O the great patient rugged joys, my soul’s strong joys,
The exhaustless animal joy, which our Creator would pour upon us from all living and moving things,
Joys of the life befitting me and brothers mine,
Joy, sweet joy, through many a year.

O to drink the mystic deliria deeper than any other man!
Drink day and night the joys of life,
Drunk with joy and high exhilaration.
And thee my soul,
Thy yearning amply fed at last—
Joys, ceaseless exercises, exaltations.

My spirit springs and grows elastic,
I just abandon myself to the mood, and let it float on,
Wandering amazed at my own lightness and high glee,
Copious as stars and glad as morning light the torrents of joy.

The ecstasy is upon me, now my spirit burns volcanic,
I rise ecstatic through all, and sweep with the true gravitation.
O the joy of my spirit—it is uncaged—it darts like lightning!

The whirling and whirling is elemental within me,
Something wild and untamed—half savage!
The rapture in being, and in the physical existence of things, is vehement, beyond example,
Each moment and whatever happens thrills me with joy.
Henceforth I will go celebrate anything I see or am, and sing and laugh and deny nothing,
See, dance, laugh
with storm or sun, sing, clap hands, exult, shout, skip, leap, roll on, float on!
Riotous laughing bacchanals fill’d with joy!

I stand for the joyful conclusions—
Joyousness, out of sure ultimate happiness and triumph, rings throughout, giving full satisfaction.
Joy! joy! all over joy!
In freedom, worship, love! joy!
Joy in the ecstasy of life!
Ecstasy everywhere touching and thrilling me,
The ocean fill’d with joy, the atmosphere all joy!
The joyous, electric all—a perfect world, all joy!